Terms & Condition of Using Our Services


These are the terms and conditions agreement that governs to use of our services, You individual, company, organization or any entity who subscribes our services on agreed upon this agreement of Kalhost.

You are requested to kindly read the agreement before submitting your application to use any services of Kalhost. Kalhost may terminate your account at any time with or without notice which is harmful for other entity or violates the agreement.

Kalhost may change or modify this agreement at any time with or without notice. These changes will be made effective for all subscribers, Updated agreement can be exploring web address http://kalhost.com/tos You are requested to read this document time to time which satisfied you use of service remains in compliance with this agreement.


Kalhost major services to customers are Domain Registration, Website hosting along with email facilities. Kalhost has all rights to modify, change or discontinue any services at any time. Kalhost has also rights to modify services charges and customers will be bound to pay recurring charges at renewal time.

Email Access and Website both services are terminated at the time of expiry service or when account is deleted from server.

Price Change

Kalhost keeps all rights to change the prices of services or products at any time, we will notice to customer within 30 days before charging new price. You are sole responsibility to review billing information provided by Kalhost.

Cancellations and Refunds- Money-back Guarantee

If an account with 30 days money-back guarantee is purchased and cancelled within 30 days of the starting of the term (Money-Back Guarantee Period). You required written request to Kalhost Support Team for Refund Request within 30 days. The customer will receive full refund except domain charges.

Non-refundable Products & Services

There are no refunds on dedicated servers or any kind of administrate fees which applies for custom software installation or any support.

Cancellation Process

Customer may terminate or cancel any services provided by Kalhost with written notice via email.


Kalhost will not be responsible for any damages of your business, organization or any entity. Kalhost does not make any warranties of any kind, expressed or imposed for the services. Kalhost disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any specific purpose, including loss of data, delay times, delivery failures, wrong deliveries, and any kind of services interruptions caused by Kalhost or our employees

Backup and Data Loss

You use the Services completely on your own risk. KalHost backup services are executed in a week and do overwrites the previous backup. The one-week backup are kept at a time, Backup may be requested to restore but We are not responsible any data lost in shared hosting and reseller hosting or any type of hosting if We face problem in restoring.

We provide 99% quality services however any machine failure or migrating and upgrading server might have probability for Data Lost., so We advise to customer timely backup its website data, emails and etc resources.

Kalhost provides backup services on shared and reseller accounts just for courtesy and may modified or terminated at any time at Kalhost’s sole discretion. Kalhost does not keep backup of VPS and dedicated hosting. Kalhost is complete not responsible for files or any content keeping on customer account. You agree to taking complete responsibility for all the files stored at KalHost server’s.

Changes of Agreement or Service

Kalhost can modify, add, or delete any agreement any time. However, any significant changes of agreement can be seen at KalHost official websites. Kalhost reserves the complete right to modify and change or discontinue any service any time.

Why choose Kalhost

Kalhsot is considered a best leader in IT Field.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Take our reliable services without any risk. In case we can’t fully satisfy you or fullfill any technical aspects, you will be able to cancel your plan in 30 days and your money will be refunded.

24/7/365 Support

Our technical support team is ever ready to resolve your hosting related problems, our Kalhost technical support is available 27/7/365, and you may take our help via Live Chat, Telephone inquiry or via Email.

99.9% Server Uptime

The appearance of your website all the time is really important we Kalhost assure you 99.9% server uptime and we give you guarantee that your website will be live 24 hours in day and 7 days in a week.

Connect with us. 24 hours a day & 7 days a week

Contact by phone, email or live chat, our representative will contact you with greatest priority. Use any method to contact us and experience the true meaning of customer service.

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